Disable AVGRSX exe

What is AVGRSX exe?

AVGRSX exe or AVGRSX.exe is an executable file that comes with the AVG 8.0 Free Edition antivirus program. If you have downloaded or installed this program on your computer then you might have encountered AVGRSX exe. AVGRSX exe is also known as the Residential Shield component of the antivirus program. AVGRSX exe comes in relation to AVG Internet Security and this program is owned by AVG Technologies CZ.

Programs like this can be automatically or manually run. Installing an antivirus program like the AVG antivirus program on your computer is a must. This will protect your computer from malicious elements and helps you locate and remove viruses and other programs that can harm your computer.

What are problems encountered using AVGRSX exe?

The most common problem involving AVGRSX exe is its intense and excessive CPU usage. This can be due to viruses that have invaded your PC. Viruses can manipulate and alter your computer settings. Moreover, it can invade your private settings and allow more viruses to infect your computer.

This will cause your computer to run slow and perform inefficiently. It can hang up for more than five minutes and can even cause your computer to restart on its own. Because of these problems, there is a need to disable and fix AVGRSX exe on your PC. You should also run an antivirus program on your PC and scan for viruses or any other malicious contents.

How do you disable AVGRSX exe?

You can disable AVGRSX exe using these tips. First, open ‘Tools’ and then choose ‘Advanced Setting’. You should modify your settings at this point. Choose Appearance and clear the ‘Display system tray notification’ to get rid of the AVG icon. After that, choose ‘Linkscanner’ and deselect all checkboxes under it. Make sure all of them are clear.

Choose ‘Scan’ then deselect all checkboxes expect for ‘Automatically heal/remove infection unchecked’. On the left panel, click ‘Schedules’ then deselect all option. Choose ‘Resident Shield’ then clear ‘Enable Resident Shield’. After doing these processes, restart your PC and simply disregard all warnings. After that, run your AVG to check for viruses.

Scan your computer for any spyware. Spyware is actually a fake antivirus system and can cause harm and damage to your computer. It is always beneficial to have an authentic and trusted antivirus program. When your AVG is experiencing error, it could be caused by spyware. You should then be able to disable AVGRSX exe on your computer system.

If you don’t want to uninstall AVG antivirus system on your computer but wants to decrease CPU usage, you can also use these methods. First, you can disable Resident Shield. Disabling this can also disable AVGRSX exe and can thus improve your PC performance. Set the AVG antivirus system wherein it won’t automatically run during start up. This will help reduce CPU usage.

You can use these steps to disable AVGRSX exe on your computer. It can be useful in scanning your computer for viruses. However, you can enable it only when there is a need to scan your computer so that it won’t take excessive CPU usage. Disable AVGRSX exe when not in use.